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Zain legal & Co is helping to protect you against an abusive relationship and provide you legal help in Family and Divorce Law. Are you in a relationship where your partner takes charge and is abusive towards you it’s now time for you to live a normal and free life?

We are helping you put a stop to all your worries and fears of being abused. Is your relationship currently abusive and you want help to protect you and your children from this abuse then we can help you solve this problem? Alternatively, are you completely broken down and want to end your relationship with a divorce then we can also help you?

We are experts in Family and Divorce Law and will help you to understand the different forms of abuse, whether it’s financial, sexual, emotional, psychological abuse.

You the right of going to court for a non-molestation order against your partner to stop him or her from continuing to abuse you or your children. Or you just want to file your divorce because your marriage has irretrievably broken down?

There is related CONSEQUENCE which is always attached to still living in an abusive marriage or with an abusive partner

Maybe you should have done this a long time and you keep saying WHY ON EARTH DO I NEED THIS? let me take you through some issues related to you neglecting this.

  • According to the British Crime Survey, 26% of women in 2001 and 25% in 2004/5 experienced non-sexual interpersonal violence, yet only 24% of women survivor’s report to the police
  • More than half a million babies may have died because of conflict over the past five years, a new report by Save the Children shows today.
  • The Crime Survey for England and Wales showed that an estimated 2.3 million adults aged 16 to 74 years experienced domestic abuse in the last year (1.6 million women and 757,000 men), a slight but non-significant decrease from the previous year…..and just too many to mention

I believe you wouldn’t want to be a victim and amongst people like these? Then you should let us help you If you do not do anything about it now then the impact can be that you will continue to suffer at the hands of your partner, continuous abuse means you can suffer long term mental health as well your children suffering mentally and emotionally seeing both parents arguing. You can be constantly beaten up by your partner for no reason leading to injuries and significant pain.

Most serious of all even being killed by your partner.


Victims of domestic violence and chattered home often feel helpless, trapped, and alone. They may stay with an abuser due to a lack of resources, issues of custody, or fear of retribution if they leave…but do you know you have someone you can speak to?

We are experts in dealing with family law matters. We will support you in seeking a non-molestation order to protect you from future harm or divorce to end your marriage which is guaranteed to solve your problem and give you the peace you have been looking for, for a long time.

We will help you get a perfect living by helping you to file your divorce in a stress-free way by taking the burden off you from researching the laws or taking hours to complete the form. Your divorce or your non-molestation order whichever you are seeking will be written professionally by one of our family and divorce experts to give you a higher chance of the court taking you seriously.

If written accurately is guaranteed to get rid of or reduce stress and stop you from being a victim of your partner, again and again, if you contact us, we can help you in a way to avoid damaging your relationship further with your partner making this worse at home.

Zain Legal & Co Costs less overall for our Alternative Dispute Resolution compared to going to a high street law firm our team being small we will put our full care and attention in your case so you get the best results from our experienced Divorce/Family Law experts.

File for divorce. If the perpetrator is your spouse, we at ZAIN LEGAL & CO will assist you through the divorce process, including seeking spousal support and receiving your share of marital assets.

We help you through a whole lot of ways and manners and they include getting a temporary or permanent protective order in place: We help victims of domestic violence seek protection from abuse. This will help prohibit the abuser from making contact or coming within a certain distance of the victim. In certain situations, a protective order can also require that the abuser move out of a home shared with the victim

Get custody of your children. If the abuser is also a parent of your children, we will help you get custody as well as child support from the other parent.

Represent you in court. At Zain Legal & co, we make it one of our assignments to help you file all of the required documents and be your Mckenzie Friend or Lay Representative in court.

We will fill the gap of discussing with the other party defendant and advocate throughout the legal process so you do not have to deal with any more abuse or conflict.

Zain Legal & Co Costs less overall for our divorce/ family law package compare to a high street law firm and because our team is small we will put our full care and attention in your case so you get the best results from our experienced employment experts.

What do you need to do to get this solved at just a click away?

Attending court in family proceedings can be a stressful and daunting time. Keep remembering that the judge or the magistrates are there to help both parties achieve a fair outcome.

We are experts in Family and Divorce Law we have a small number of people on the team so that we can manage our caseload and put 100% effort into your case so that we can achieve your goal and make you a better and happier person who enjoys an abuse-free life. If your divorce or non-molestation order is well written and to the legal points it will take less of your time to prepare the trial paperwork and the stress of preparing your solution could be just a well-written order so if you need any help addressing your concerns and you want a divorce or a protection order then register your interest in our free guide on Divorce and Family Law where you can read or contact us to book your consultation.





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