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Non-Molestation Orders

A non-molestation order is a legal document that prevents an individual from harassing, intimidating, or threatening you or your children. It can also prevent them from contacting you or coming near your home or workplace.

If you are seeking a non-molestation order, also known as an injunction, there are several important things we will need from you as part of your written statement to help you get the Non-Molestation Order or an Occupation Order depending on which order you are seeking.

Here are some suggestions from our family law specialists:

1) Describe the nature of the harassment or abuse you have experienced, including any physical, emotional, or verbal abuse.

2) Provide details of any incidents that have occurred, including dates, times, locations, and any witnesses who were present.

3) Explain how the abuse or harassment has affected your mental and emotional well-being, and how it has impacted your ability to live your life and carry out daily activities.

If possible, provide any evidence you have of the abuse, such as photos, emails, texts, or voicemails.

4) Describe any efforts you have made to stop the abuse or harassment, such as seeking help from the police or a support organization.

5) Explain why you are seeking a non-molestation order, and how it will help to protect you from further harm.

6) Be clear and concise in your writing, using simple language and avoiding emotional language that may detract from the strength of your case.

At Zain Legal & Co. Our legal services experts is proud to offer a comprehensive non-molestation order service to clients in need of protection from harassment or violence. Our team of experienced legal experts can guide you through the process of obtaining a non-molestation order and provide you with the support you need to feel safe and secure.

The problem is if you don’t get legal help now then you’re going to continue to suffer at the hands of your perpetrator which can affect your mental & physical health and possibly your children’s health too.

Children are often affected more, and this could be shown by their behaviour at school if you don’t do anything about it now then the impact is huge in the long run if you just ignore it, so the solution is booking your consultation with one of our legal experts who can help you and give you the safety that you or your children need.

Our legal team also offer an emergency weekend service if you urgently need help & advise on what you need to do next to protect yourself. Generally, we can get you an emergency order from the courts the next day after instructing us, so you and your children are protected.

Before we do any work, you need to book a problem-solving consultation with one of our family laws specialists as this consultation focuses on solving your legal problem for good.

Click the link below to book your  30 minutes telephone consultation directly with one of our legal experts for only £12.50, or you pay £22.50 for a consultation for a document review.





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