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Zain Legal & Co is solving a problem with those who are currently or have fallen victims to a breach of contract with their landlords or their letting agent regarding landlord and tenant law.

We handle this by helping you to understand the different forms of breach of contract you could possibly face from your landlord. If you are or have fallen a victim in the hands of your landlords or tenants, then we can help you to get rid of the problem completely if you instruct us. We can you help resolve the issue in a way that will not damage you and your landlord’s relationship further by following our problem-solving steps.

From past cases and happy clients getting their legal matter resolved amicably, we understand that some tenants get abused just because they don’t even know what right they have or what their landlords’ obligations are upon you as paying tenant.

We will educate you to let you know what rights you have, and how you can tackle and overcome such incidents from your landlord or your letting agent. Landlords or your letting agent needs to give you your basic rights and that is.

  • To live in a property that’s safe and in a good state of repair
  • Have your deposit returned when the tenancy ends – and in some circumstances have it protected?
  • Challenge excessively high charges
  • Know who your landlord is
  • Live in the property undisturbed
  • See an Energy Performance Certificate for the property
  • Be protected from unfair eviction and unfair rent rise.
  • Have a written agreement if you have a fixed-term tenancy of more than 3 years.

There have been similar issues like this which had been faced by a lot of tenants in the past and with our qualified and competent legal experts we have been able to get them resolved and put things in the right place.


There is a saying that goes thus: The foolish and the ignorant give themselves over to negligence; whereas the wise treasure mindfulness as a precious jewel.

There is the consequence if you don’t deal with your grievance with your landlord properly such as a continuation of the breach of contract between a landlord and you, your repairs won’t ever be fixed and you will continue to live in a property that can affect your health especially if you’re an asthmatic or have any other health-related problems. At Zain Legal & Co and with our work we have guaranteed to resolve tenants’ problems sporadically and this is why we ask tenants of getting an expert in Landlord and Tenant Law to handle your grievance.

There are many recorded unrightfully acts from landlords which may include. INCLUDING YOUR PRIVACY, NOT REPAIRING THE HOUSE WHEN NEEDED which keeps your life and standard of living at risk, CONTRACT BREACH and BAD TERM OR AGREEMENT…and more to mention.

Sometimes you just need one right person to help you establish your right and fight for them…ZAIN LEGAL & CO is the Solution

One of the benefits of having a good relationship with your landlord it gives you a great reputation and they will be more likely to address small maintenance requests promptly and can be more forgiving when it comes to renting payments…can you now imagine what happens if you don’t have this?

Have a look at some statistics that are relating to a bad experience and here are a few of them experienced by some tenants with their landlords or letting agent:

  1. Structural issues
    The main problem, which 15% of the participants cited was the failure of their landlord to fix structural issues within the property. These include dampness, rotten window frames, and leaks in the roof.
  2. Delayed repairs
    The second major issue, experienced by 13% of the tenants surveyed was delayed repairs. These consisted of broken furniture, washing machines, and showers, whose maintenance was not handled timely.
  3. Contract breach
    Unexpected increases in rent, money deductions from their deposits, and even early eviction were experienced by 14% of the survey participants. In some cases, it turned out that the Landlord sold the property without informing the tenants or getting their consent.

Do not be a victim of this…contact us at Zain Legal & Co and get an expert to handle this for you.

What are the possible solutions you should expect from us at Zain Legal & Co…How can we really help you in landlord and tenant law?

At Zain Legal & Co we understand that every tenant should have a clear tenancy agreement that is easy to read that has technical language, in order to know your rights and the rights of your landlord…and we have also been able to help to get rid of many misunderstandings that tenants face when they don’t understand their agreement or simply some of the essential laws are missing from the agreement and landlords need reminding about their obligations to their tenants.  These have happened due to the lack of knowledge or responsibilities that both tenants and landlords experience.

At Zain Legal & Co we will help you by firstly letting you know It is the landlords’ responsibility to take care of repairs or emergency maintenance, as they are required to provide good and safe living conditions for their tenants. We are a Cost-effective solution to your problems for our Alternative Dispute Resolution in Landlord & Tenant issues compare to going to a high street law firm.

Our team being small we will put our full care and attention into your case, so you get the best results from our experience from our experts.

What are you expected to do and get all of your issues solved?

If you are a vulnerable person with mental health, health issues such as a mobility problem, or the facts that you do not understand the different form of your rights that your landlord or letting agent should provide to you then the best way to tackle your issue and get them resolved or way to find the possible solutions then you need help from our professional and certified legal experts… then get in contact with one of our experts and book in your free consultation.

Take a perfect time to register your interest in our free guide on Landlord and Tenant law where you can read or contact us to book your consultation.





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