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Have you been deprived of your rights from your workplace? Have your voices or grievances not been heard, have you written a grievance complaint that has not been well written or taken seriously by your HR department or employer, it is the right time you have a professional consultant to help you handle Employment Law terms.

Is your mental health or emotional state quickly getting worse or are you worried about someone you know that is suffering silently with work-related stress? then you do not need to worry as help is available at Zain Legal & Co?

You are not alone, talk to a professional consultant who is an expert in Employment Law and get all your issues resolved.

There are tons of MENTAL HEALTH and RELATED WORKPLACE ISSUES which you need the help of a consultant for, these include.


But whichever you might be facing, you should try not to keep this to yourself, it is the right time to call for your rights. Zain Legal & Co is solving a problem with employees who are currently suffering from mental health in their workplace due to work stress. We help by helping you to write your grievance letter to your employer reminding them of their rights to be protecting your health and wellbeing in the workplace.

Are you still thinking deep down why you need the help of a consultant…Let me put you through some issues and problems faced by mental health at workplaces?

  • Up to 300,000 people with mental health problems lose their jobs each year.
  • 89% of workers with mental health problems report an impact on their working life.
  • Just 13% of employees would be comfortable talking about mental illness at work.


These are some of the harmful health effects of excessive stress which include the following:

  • Damage to brain cells including the prefrontal cortex, the area of the brain responsible for memory and learning.
  • Leaving you unable to focus and extremely tired. It can also lead to physical symptoms such as headaches, weight gain and chest pains, amongst others.
  • Stress can affect memory and decision-making.
  • It can affect your mood and lead to long-term mental health issues such as depression.
  • It can affect your relationship at home with your partner or your children.

If you do not do anything about it now then the impact can be that your mental health will deteriorate, your employer will continue to ignore their rights to protect your health and wellbeing at work. Your grievance complaint will not hold any weight if it’s not written properly with the correct laws and legislation relating to your rights in a workplace then HR department or your employer will just ignore your grievance and not do anything about it, then why not get us to help you with writing your grievance complaint?

Most people with ongoing mental health problems meet the definition of disability this means that people with mental health problems are protected from discrimination and harassment and are entitled to reasonable adjustments to adapt to their job or work.

How do we help you with your MENTAL HEALTH ISSUES?

However, with the fast-rising figures of individuals in dire need of mental health services, it still appears as if we are not doing enough. Significantly, depression, anxiety, ADHD, and work-related stress have been alarmingly increasing.

There are various provisions of the law regarding decision-making, concerning the treatment and recovery of persons living with mental health. We at Zain Legal & Co understand these mechanisms to help guide the decision-making of our clients.

We listen to our clients to ensure that we understand and represent their interests while promoting their strengths and wishes so that their position can be respected by others. We will draft a personalized action plan for you so that we can recommend your employer to work with you, with your personalized plan to help you to recover from your work-related stress. If your employer cannot refer you to some mental health support we will help you by making a referral on your behalf for you to engage in some mental health therapy from a mental health organization that we work with. If your employer cannot refer you to some mental health support, we will help you by making a referral on your behalf for you to engage in some mental health therapy from a mental health organization that we work with.

Many mental health challenges do not affect the ability to make the decision immediately but may progressively worsen to the point where such a person can no longer make decisions for themselves. We help consider taking a prior statement from such clients to understand and preserve what their future treatment preferences are and we also make sure that this statement is adhered to when the time comes.

Persons with mental health issues often have someone they can trust to make their decisions for them. This could be a spouse, child, parent, or friend. This “chosen person” helps them exercise their rights, protect their interests, and make their treatment decisions. Zain Legal & Co ensures you this freedom.

Our main goal is to have your grievance professionally written by educating your employer on what the law says to help you in your workplace if you are suffering from mental health to give you a higher chance of your employer taking you seriously.

Many of our clients have consulted us regarding their employment law matters because we are cost-effective in getting your grievance addressed in a timely fashion without affecting your long-term relationship with your employer. We will achieve your goal by working with you hand in hand to stop your mental health from deteriorating in your workplace and make you a happier person again where you can enjoy going back to work.

We are experts in Employment Law as we have a small number of people on the team so that we can manage our caseload which means your case will have the full attention it deserves. We put 100% effort into your case so that we can achieve your goal and make you a better and happier person who enjoys work again. The quicker process is sorting out your complaint informally with your employer by addressing your mental health in a grievance complaint as it costs less overall than compare to compare than going to an Employment Tribunal for a resolution and if. If. If your grievance is well written and forthwith to the legal points, it will take less of can solve your time problem at work immediately, compare time to prepare the trial preparing paperwork for an employment tribunal and having for an employment tribunal and having the stress of preparing your solution case for a court trial this solution could all be just avoided just a well- written grievance letter so if.

If you need any help addressing your concerns to your employer why not register your interest in our free guide on Mental Health where you can download and read it immediately, or contact us, alternatively, you complete the query form and we will aim to get back to you to book you your free 15-minute consultation with one of our employment law experts.





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