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Separation Orders

Are you considering a separation or divorce? Don’t go through the process alone. A Separation Agreement can provide the clarity and guidance you need to navigate this challenging time with confidence and peace of mind.

At Zain Legal & Co, we specialize in helping individuals and couples draft and negotiate Separation Agreements that meet their unique needs and circumstances. Our team of experienced legal team will work closely with you to ensure that all of your concerns and priorities are addressed, and that the terms of the agreement are fair and equitable for all parties involved.

Here are some suggestions: from our family law specialists:

  • Explain the reasons why you want a separation order, including any issues or problems in your relationship that have led to your decision.
  • Describe your living arrangements and how you plan to manage any shared assets, such as a home or bank accounts, during the separation.
  • If you have children, explain how you plan to manage their care and any financial arrangements, such as child support or custody agreements.
  • Be clear about any expectations you have for communication with your partner during the separation, such as whether you want to maintain regular contact or whether you need time and space to work through your feelings.
  • Describe any efforts you have made to resolve issues in your relationship, such as counselling or therapy.
  • Seek legal advice if you are unsure about how to draft your statement or if you need help with the legal process.

It’s worth noting that a separation order is different from a divorce. A separation order allows you and your partner to live  apart while you work through your issues, but you remain legally married. If you ultimately decide to divorce, you will need to follow a separate legal process such as a divorce.

Before we do any work, you need to book a problem-solving consultation with one of our family laws specialists as this consultation focuses on solving your legal problem for good.

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