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Zain Legal & Co is solving a problem with those who have been mis-sold a service by a bank or your lender because their terms were unfair or how the lender exercised their rights under the agreement and need help with Consumer Credit Law.

Are you been offered an unfair term of service, is your lender exercising strict power over you, or do you feel like you are cheated… We are here to help you out.

What unfair term are you experiencing? Term contrary to the requirements of good faith, Unbalanced rights, change in price, Excessive cancellation fees, Changing goods or services, Hidden fees, etc… then you have to let us help you out.

We help by helping you to understand if the agreement that you have entered is unfair or if the lender did not disclose all the information to you before you sign the agreement. We will help you to understand the term “Unfair relationship with your lender.”

Furthermore, we will help you write to your company or lender what any way you think you should be treated. We will also escalate your complaints and if your lender will not respond or agree to the complaint we will help you file a case requesting the court for a fair judgment.

You also have the right of going to court to get your agreement amended or canceled if the terms are unfair or if the information was withheld from you before you agree.

In this article, we will be discussing what are the related issues with an unfair term of service in a contract and with your lender

When you enter a contract – be that buying something, ordering something, or paying for a service – you and the other party must follow the terms set out in that contract.

So, you have a right to challenge a contract term if you think it is unfair, but what happens when you think it is not the right option to put up the challenge?

If you do not do anything about it now then the impact can be that your agreement will continue, and the lender will continue to enforce the terms which can also cause further stress if you breach the term by your lender adding interest or going to court to enforce the default.

Since you are deciding to keep shut …your lender will always believe you are very well satisfied with the *change of term and agreement* and by so doing they will continue with this if a stop isn’t put in place

If you do not know your rights regarding the term Unfair Relationship with your banking or credit agreement, then you will not know your rights.

How can we help you?

Businesses must express standard terms in plain and understandable language. A customer should be clear about its meaning. If there is doubt as to what a term means, the meaning most favorable to the consumer will apply.

Things don’t always go right and as with any other service; you may need to make a complaint about your bank or lender.

At Zain Legal & Co we understand that the first key reason why most are treated and fall victim to an unfair term of service is because they don’t even know their rights

The first thing we will let you know is you’re right … we will explain to you in detail and let you know what and the way you should be treated.

Also at Zain Legal & Co, we will assist you to have your grievance written professionally in law and legislation to give you a higher chance of your lender taking you seriously. The grievance if written accurately is guaranteed to get rid of or reduce stress and correct the mistake early with your lender. this will also be ideal to avoid damaging your relationship with your bank or lender. Zain Legal & Co Costs less overall for our Alternative Dispute Resolution compared to going to a high street law firm. Our team being small will put our full care and attention into your case, so you get the best results from our experienced Consumer Credit Law experts.


For the past three years, bank customers in the UK have had an excellent set of legal powers to tackle their banks if they think they have been treated unfairly.

Unfortunately, hardly anyone knows about them, and the relevant authorities have failed to give the powers any meaningful publicity.

When you enter a contract, you as the consumer and the other party as the lender must follow the terms set out in that contract… lets now assume you are vulnerable or the fact that you as the borrower did not know what you should have reasonably be expected to know, the range of choices available to you, etc was not told about the choice available to you before signing an agreement then you have a good case to pursue a claim against your lender to amend or cancel the agreement that you entered into.

If at all you have fallen victim to the above-explained legal issues and have found it hard to write your grievance to be presented in court or need an expert then get in contact with one of our experts and book your free consultation.

We are the best solution to your legal issues.

Register your interest in our free guide on Unfair Relationships in Consumer Credit Law where you can read or contact us to book your consultation.





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