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Who Are Our Services For?

Why Choose Us?


We’re affordable. Legal costs with us are 65% cheaper than most solicitors. If you find someone cheaper, we guarantee a price match!

Easy Going process

We’re easy-going. We don’t need your credit card to cover our legal costs. We’ll work with you to offer a service that fits your needs.

VIP membership

We value loyalty and honesty, We offer VIP membership on all our fixed fees, 10% discount to our first-time clients including out-of-hours service, including weekends.


We’re experienced. Our team has years of legal experience. We stay informed on the new laws & legislation by undertaking regular online legal training.

Fast & Accurate

We’re FAST! We can get your job done more quicker, save you time, money & stress by you preparing your case.

Why We Offer Affordable Legal Services ?

You might be wondering why we offer affordable legal services at all. We feel that everyone is entitled to professional, accurate, and helpful legal advice and assistance. Even if you can’t afford a solicitor or you don’t qualify for legal aid. You deserve help, and we’ve cut our rates by 65% to make sure that our service is affordable to everyone regardless of your financial circumstances.

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What does Zain Legal & Co do?

We’re a small team of legal consultants based in Birmingham, UK. We help small business owners, individuals on a low income, and those who are not entitled to legal aid get the right level of legal help at an affordable, cost-effective price.

We know that legal services can seem completely out of reach if you’re on a tight budget. But that doesn’t mean you don’t have a legal problem that you need advice and assistance with. This is why we are experts in offering top-class Lay Representative & McKenzie Friend Service for a fraction of the cost.

Our target clients are those who really cannot afford to get legal help because they simply don’t have the money to afford to pay a high street solicitor for legal advice or representation. We aim to help people who are on benefits, low-income, small business owners, and those who are not entitled to legal aid.  We serve our clients across Birmingham, Leicester, Derby & Nottingham: We can meet clients face-to-face within a 50-mile radius of Birmingham.

Zain Legal & Co Consultation

Getting divorced? Fighting for child custody? Filing a benefits appeal? dismissed from your job? Struggling to secure citizenship? We all have years of industry experience in the legal field and the same undergraduate education as Barristers and Solicitors. We’ve got you covered at a cost effective price! Tell us about your situation in a free, no obligation consultation. You can cancel anytime & no credit card required.

Zain Legal & CO.Services

Zain Legal & Co understands that sometimes life presents us with complicated, sensitive, and complex legal issues. We believe in approaching each situation with empathy, expertise, and a dedication to ensuring your legal rights are upheld. With our wealth of experience across diverse legal fields, we provide a service tailored to your specific needs.

Family and Divorce Law

Nobody enters a marriage anticipating the end. But when the inevitable happens, the process can be draining, both emotionally and financially. At Zain Legal & Co, we prioritise your mental well-being and strive to make your divorce procedure as seamless as possible. We help our clients navigate the complexities of child arrangements, division of your assets and help you get spousal maintenance & support with ease, focusing on your peace of mind over the mere legal procedure.


 Facing issues with credit agencies can often feel like a harsh battle. That’s where we step in. At Zain Legal & Co, we ensure you’re treated fairly, providing expert advice and robust support against any unfair practices. We’re committed to ensuring your financial stability and future security.




Civil Law/ Small Claims Court

Even small legal disputes can cast a vast shadow over your peace of mind. We’re here to lift this burden, offering clear advice and effective representation in the sphere of civil law and small claims. By focusing on dispute resolution and damage recovery, we take the worry off your hands, allowing you to concentrate on what genuinely matters.

Landlord & Tenant Law

Whether you’re a landlord dealing with difficult tenants or a tenant facing unjust treatment, we’re here to bring balance. With Zain Legal & Co, you have a team ready to defend your rights, resolve conflicts, and ensure a fair outcome, helping restore harmony to your living environment.


Workplace issues can cast a long shadow over your professional life. Our mission is to bring back the light. Whether it’s unfair dismissal, workplace discrimination, or wage disputes, we strive to ensure you’re treated fairly and respectfully, championing your rights and protecting your career.

Benefit Appeals

* including Housing Benefit Appeals
Navigating benefit disputes can feel like a never-ending marathon. At Zain Legal & Co, we’re your loyal allies, helping you manoeuvre the often confusing landscape of housing benefit appeals and other benefit disputes. We ensure your claims are fairly assessed, advocating for your right to adequate support.


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