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Immigration law 

Immigration Law
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Immigration law deals with immigrants who enter the UK, it determines who is permitted to enter the UK, and for how long they can stay. It additionally oversees the naturalization cycle for the individuals who want to become residents of the UK.

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The most common reasons why people want to come to the UK is because.

  • You want to reunite with your partner and spend your life here.
  • You want to come and study in the UK as an international student.
  • You may want to enter the UK under exceptional hardship because you are fleeing away from a war or extreme poverty in your home country.
  • You want to come into the UK to work or you may have been trafficked into the UK, after spending time here you are considering applying for your rights to remain in the UK.

Immigration Law determines our rights. Our rights to welfare benefits, right to live, right to work, right to education and right to marry and make life here in the UK.






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