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THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN: Zain Legal & Co & A Solicitor

Zain Legal vs A Solicitor
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The reason why I created Zain Legal & Co is to help people save money on their legal fees. Many people go to court without a lawyer. After all, they simply cannot afford to pay for one because they are expensive. Zain Legal & Co is designed to save clients 65% on their legal fees compare to high street solicitors. Also, many solicitors are overstretched with the caseload and don’t put much time into clients’ work so most clients either lose their case in court for lack of preparation or they don’t simply get the value from their solicitor working on their case. I believe that legal help should be available to everyone regardless of their financial situation.

My first mission is to help small business owners, individuals on a low income, and those who are not entitled to legal aid save money on their legal fees. I aim to help those who simply cannot afford to pay for representation from a solicitor because their fees are expensive. My services are 65% cheaper than most high street law firms and you are guaranteed to save money by using Zain Legal & Co.
My second mission is to work hand in hand with our clients, this means educating them about their legal problems and working with them until they have reached their desired goal. Everything we do with our clients we allow them to see the work we do by allowing them to have full control of their case this means that we work together hand in hand to achieve their desired goals, whereas a high street solicitor will not keep you updated, most clients have concerns that their solicitor is hard to get in touch with or their solicitor is asking for more money. Solicitors’ fees are very expensive, and they charge at an hourly rate see here the link of the solicitor’s hourly rate

Here at Zain Legal & Co, we are affordable you can see our current rates we do the same work a high street solicitor will do for you, for example, if you are looking for divorce we can help you with the process if you are looking for employment advice we can help you too with this process. A high street solicitor will charge you £1500 to £2500 just for you to get a divorce, we will charge you £400. You are saving £2,100 on your divorce with us than a solicitor. Solicitors are very expensive and charge so much for a few hours of work whereas we will charge you a fixed fee of £400 for 8.5hrs of our work.
Most complaints I hear from my clients are that my solicitor is not giving me the value I deserve, my emails and telephone calls are not being answered. I have lost communication with my solicitor; I don’t know what is happening with my case. Here at Zain Legal & Co, we are transparent with our work as you pay us privately for our work, we promise to keep you updated, we also deliver an exceptional service that a high street solicitor will not do. Let me explain

We offer a weekend service where we travel to our clients within a 50-mile radius of Birmingham to come and collect paperwork from you or go through any documents with you, whereas your high street solicitor will not do this. They will expect you to come into their office to see them for your appointment, we don’t do that as we understand that not all clients have cars or any means of transport so for this reason, we travel to our clients instead of them coming out to us.

We offer an out-of-hours service for our clients 6 pm to 10 pm service you can ring us between these times and your calls will be answered, whereas your high street solicitor will not offer this service. Most high street law firms close at 5:30 pm latest and we will be open for you until 10 pm. The reason why we have done this is that some clients are working during the day and only have time for their case after work or on weekends, so our service here makes it flexible for you to keep in touch.

If you are someone that’s looking to choose us based on price, moral support in court, or need help with your case preparation then we can help you. We have the same undergraduate qualification that a solicitor and barrister have, we have sat the same exams and learned the same law subjects that a solicitor and barrister have but the only difference is that solicitors went further in their studies to complete an LPC or SQE and a barrister completes the Bar Training Course whereas we have not gone further into this training method. We are fully equipped with our knowledge as we undertake regular online legal training, you don’t need to worry about not knowing the law. We will do the same online legal training (CPD training) as all solicitors and barristers will do to keep up to date with the law. Our training certificates are available to show you upon request so that you know we have nothing to hide.

Please do not be put off thinking that we can’t do our work properly, or that we are incompetent in our jobs to let me reassure you we are not. Look at our testimonials and reviews left by our previous clients. They got the same results that a solicitor would have achieved for them, but they saved hundreds or even thousands of pounds by hiring Zain Legal & Co. Most clients search online for Cheapest lawyers, Cheap Divorce lawyers, Cheap No-Fault Divorce Lawyers, or Mckenzie Solicitors. If you are searching for these words online, then we can certainly help you because we are cheap and we go the extra mile for our clients this is where the value lies that you will not get from your high street solicitor.

Did you know there’s been a lot of discussions recently about legal aid funding and your solicitor may not have educated you much about the problem that solicitors are facing when it comes to legal aid? Just to educate you about how legal aid is affecting all services across the sector I will let you read some interesting articles


After you read and educate yourselves in these articles you will now understand why your solicitor does not provide you with the value that we will give you.


  • Simple – Complex problems have simple solutions and we will help you to simplify and see things more clearly, we will make legal knowledge simple for you by explaining it to you in an educational way. 
  • Results – we are results-driven! We will work with you until you have achieved your specific goal. 
  • We are a big supporter of mediation. We will always use ADR as a method to resolve your legal problem so that you don’t spend money on legal fees.


Our service is not suitable for everyone, if you are looking for a Conveyancing Solicitor, Criminal Defence Solicitor, or an Immigration Solicitor then our service is not for you. The reason why is because we are not qualified to carry out any licensed work. You will need to go to a high street law firm or contact the law society and get a suitable solicitor who can assist you in your case. If you are looking for us to conduct your case in court on your behalf, then we cannot help you because we are not solicitors, we have no right of audience to conduct any sort of litigation work. Unless you are under 18 years old, or you have no capacity to conduct your case then we can help to conduct your case on your behalf as your litigation friend. Other than that, we have no rights to the audience
A McKenzie Friend is not permitted to act as your agent in relation to proceedings – you must represent (speak or act) on your behalf in all legal matters. We are not permitted to sign documents on your behalf. If you are looking to get a document signed, then we are not for you, and you will need a solicitor to help you with this.
As now you have read the difference between us and a high street solicitor you can now make your mind up if we are the right fit for you. If you think we are then why not contact us today so that we can discuss your case in more detail, if we are not then we can just say sorry for the inconvenience, but we do wish to work with you soon. Remember if you do hire a solicitor make sure your solicitor is not overcharging you, get a full invoice of the work before you even pay them a penny as most solicitors in my opinion are exploiting clients not helping them ☹ 


Why are Solicitors Slow? 
Solicitors are slow because they are overstretched with the caseload, which is bad for them mentally, physically, and bad for you too as a client because you are waiting a long time to achieve the goals you are looking for. In our case, we do not take on more than 6 caseloads so that we can put 100% effort into our client’s work.

Do I need a solicitor for a divorce?

You do not necessarily need a solicitor for your divorce. You can save money on your legal fees all you need to do is issue divorce proceedings. We are experts in family law so hiring Zain Legal & Co will be the best option for you if you want fast results. We can help you get the divorce you need.
Why have I been refused legal aid?
You have been refused legal aid because you have disposable income which makes you ineligible for legal aid. Therefore, at Zain Legal & Co we believe that legal help should be available to everyone regardless of their financial situation. We can help you if you cannot find a solicitor because of your income. Give us a call so that we can assess your case.
What is a McKenzie Friend?
When someone is involved in a legal case and they do not have a solicitor or barrister, they are entitled to have assistance from someone at court. This is called a McKenzie friend. McKenzie’s friends do not have to be legally qualified in any way. We at Zain Legal & Co provide such an affordable service and helped many clients in court, to give extra value all our McKenzie Friends hold an undergraduate degree in Law or have an LLM in Law, so we are experienced in the legal procedure.
What is a litigation friend?
You can be appointed as a litigation friend to make decisions about a court case for either: an adult who lacks the mental capacity to manage their own court case either with or without a solicitor.

We at Zain Legal & Co provide such an affordable service and helped many clients in court, to give extra value all our Litigation Friends hold an undergraduate degree in Law or have an LLM in Law, so we are experienced in the legal procedure and well competent to conduct your case in court on your behalf.

Now that you are confident with my honesty & my skills and the reviews left by my previous clients scroll down to our service and see what we are experts in Click now to our service page.

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