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Zain Legal & Co is solving all related issues in Benefit Appeal relating to PIP and ESA approval, a sudden stop of PIP or ESA, or if you are getting the lower PIP or ESA than expected.

Have you been finding it hard to get your Personal Independent Payment (PIP) approved or Employment and Support Allowance (ESA)? They are the issues we are helping to help set right.

We help you by firstly analyzing the reason for the denial and rejection is. be it submitting the wrong document. Denial in PIP claims are sometimes dated back to be the result of inaccurate information or if some requirement is not met within the requirements or due to other reasons such as:

  • You failed to respond to a letter, failed to attend a medical or an interview.
  • You were found fit for work, the term that the DWP use is ‘found not to have limited capability for work’
  • The one-year limit of ESA based on your National Insurance Contributions has ended and you or your partners have other income or savings.

Also from past issues, we have understood that some claimants even apply for benefits that aren’t what they wanted or right… sometimes like applying for UC(Universal Credit) Instead of ESA… we will let you know the requirements for the benefit you are applying for, what to do if you are denied and how to challenge the decision and get your benefit approved.

There have been different issues like this which had been faced by a lot of people in the past and with our qualified and competent legal experts we have been able to get them resolved and approved

What are the related consequence and impact of PIP or ESA denial

There is a related consequence and bad effect of you not getting your PIP and ESA approved or found yourself in the term lower than what you are expecting.

If you neglect this and do not get your PIP and ESA approved, you will be denied of all of the benefits and bonuses you are due for, also you might have to be subjected to consistent and repeated stress of MR (Mandatory Reconsideration) in the process of you getting the document rechecked by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP)

Since one of the things that qualify you for PIP is finding it hard to do everyday tasks or get around because of a physical or mental condition…you can imagine what happens if you are not approved, it will make your living harder and affects your state of health.

If you are vulnerable and have found yourself in any of these related issues…Then you need the intervention of our certified advisors and legal experts.

What are the possible solutions you should expect from us at Zain Legal & Co…How can we help you?

At Zain Legal & Co We offer advice and representation on all aspects of PIP and ESA denial appeal. We provide a practical service, tailored to the specific needs of our clients and innovative solutions when a client presents us with a complex matter.

Like we always say, A denial of your benefit ( PIP or ESA ) doesn’t mean you are longer eligible …we will help you identify the possible source of error and ensure everything is rectified as needed.

At Zain legal we will help you ensure the  Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) look at their decision again about your benefit being denied, this is called a ‘mandatory reconsideration’

We will assist you in filling out your form as it is supposed, gathering all evidence, and getting your appeal documented and submitted as needed.

We will avoid you including irrelevant content, making sure that the pip claim includes all that the Decision Maker needs to see, by asking you questions that you probably would not ask yourself, and also for the ESA you will be required to complete a work capability questionnaire or form ESA50, we will give you good quality help with this as we understand that a properly completed form is the foundation for getting the right outcome on your claim.

We perfectly understand the timing when and how to submit your appeal…We are time conscious… We will ensure the appeal is submitted at the required time

Our team of Benefit appeal experts has extensive experience and verified expertise with working on UK Benefit refusal appeals of all complexities.

At Zain Legal & Co we are cost-effective overall for our Alternative Benefit refusal appeal compare to going to a high street law firm. Our team being small we will put our full care and attention into your case so you get the best results from our experienced Benefit appeal experts.

What are you expected to do and get all of your issues solved?

If you believe you have an unfairly denied PIP claim, and you want help to plan your matter, you can ask someone other to support you. This character is called your agent. The body you choose should be capable of:

Guide you on the proof you need to prepare to help you with your problem.

Enable you to get this proof

Be ready to talk to the DWP to see if it is reasonable to change the resolution in your favor without going to court.

Analysis of the law plans a written report for the court hearing.

Guide you on other advantages or Judicial Help. You may be allowed to help you with anything you require to do after the court hearing.

You should only ask a friend or corresponding to act as your agent if you think they will carry out these tasks for you.

…then get in contact with one of our experts and book your free consultation at Zain Legal and Co. We will help you with all benefits-related issues. Call us today.





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